Grooming Services


For those of you who don’t want to wash your own furry little ones, or just want a break, we understand! It can be a challenge (to say the least) to get them used to the water and the bathing process, and they make it VERY clear when they don’t like it. We use love, patience, and treats to make them as comfortable as possible as we get your pet kids cleaned up and ready to head back home.

Because only you know how you’d like your dog groomed, we ask that the actual owner brings the dog into the appointment. That way the owner and groomer can discuss what can and cannot be done. The final price for your service will depend on factors such as your dogs temperament, skin & coat health, if there is any matting present, and style of cut.


Tired of cleaning all that hair out of your bathtub drain? How sore is your back from bending over your pup to hold him still in the water? Go easier on yourself! Bring him to Wagglebottoms for his bath.

Our industrial-sized, elevated tubs mean less back strain for you. And don’t worry, we’ll clean up afterward.

Mobile Grooming

Have a dog or cat who needs to be groomed, and prefers the comforts of home? We are adding Mobile Grooming to our available services soon!

We’ll pack up the trailer and head over to your home. Additional convenience fees will apply, depending on distance traveled and desired services. We have no breed or size restrictions, and advanced scheduling is preferred!