Keeping Up with The Fur

The most important responsibility of owning a dog is keeping up with the appropriate grooming needs. Every dog’s coat is different and requires specific attention depending on the breed. For example, Boxers are short coats but still could use a light trim, especially in the summer time, to reduce the shedding while the labradoodle breed is considered a “non-shedding” breed but needs to stay on a tight grooming schedule because the coat gets matted if left unmaintained.

Not grooming your dog’s coat can negatively impact your dog’s health. The fur can become matted and pull the skin which causes discomfort for your dog. Let’s go back to the Labradoodle breed. There are beliefs that since this breed is non-shedding and hypo-allergenic that the coat does not need a lot of attention… FALSE. In fact, the less your Labradoodle sheds the more brushing and grooming your dog is likely to need! WALA has great at home grooming tips and tricks on how to keep their coat looking great and staying healthy.

At home grooming does not mean you have to bathe, blow dry, trim, cut, and brush your dog every week. It’s as simple as brushing your dog’s coat which also allows you to check your dog over for any hidden health signs. AKC recommends you talk with your local groomer for the best brush and other tools specific to your breed before beginning. If you don’t have a groomer, then reach out to Wagglebottoms! They have the best grooming professionals that are trained and certified to care for your dog’s coat and other hygiene needs.

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