Nail Care for Dogs

Keeping a dog’s nails the proper length is a critical part of keeping a dog healthy and out of pain. Dogs that are normally outdoors will naturally wear their nails down on a daily basis when they walk, run, or play on rough surfaces while indoor dogs don’t get that natural wear and tear. Either way, your dog’s nails are an important part of their health and need to be kept on a trimming schedule to maintain a healthy length.

Inside the dog’s nail is a main vein called a “quick” and the hard outer layer we see is the shell. The quick supplies blood to the nail and runs through the core. Nerves in the quick causes bleeding and discomfort when the nail is cut too short.

Also, the nail is connected to the first bone in the toe, so when the nails are too long that causes extreme pain and discomfort to our beloved dog. If you hear them on the floors then it’s time for trim!

There are different tools and resources available to help you trim your dog’s nails. Nail clippers come in a wide range of styles and sizes perfect for your dog’s breed and size and there are many ways to go about the trimming.

  • Nail clippers designed for dogs
  • Dremel (this is a grinding tool that sands off the nail)
  • Make sure you’re in a comfortable position to prevent any injuries during the trim
  • Hold each paw and spread the toes
  • Reward the pup with treats so next time they can look forward to the end

The ASPCA is great resource for you to review before moving forward with the nail care.

If you realize that trimming your dog’s nail just isn’t “cutting” it for you, call Wagglebottoms! We’ll make sure your pup has the best pedicure in town.

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